Digital Strategy

Develop an effective digital strategy with experts. A well-defined digital strategy is paramount to any company’s digital transformation. We don’t believe in or settle for a one-size fits all approach, so why should you?

At Pipar\TBWA and Pipar\ENGINE we base all our digital marketing completely on the digital strategy developed for the brand. We have used Disruption® as a strategic tool for brands around the globe and have developed insights and experience to achieve the competitive advantage for your brand. These tools have not only been used to increase brand awareness or increase sales but also for ideology. Positive social and even political impacts have made use of a clearly defined strategy.

Our approach is tailored to specific goals and business requirements of each of our clients, based on data and analytics. A team of international experts conducts thorough market and competitor research and uses decades of experience to define KPIs for goals related to your core needs. Our experts at Pipar\ENGINE work on data every single day. That is the key in performance marketing so we can adapt, correct the heading and continue the course we are on.

Digital strategy needs to include the different digital platforms where the customers interact with the brand. The strategy needs to include the website and or app, search engine optimization and search engine marketing and paid search as well as a social media strategy aligned with the branding and promotion.

Web strategy

When developing a web strategy it is important to consider the overall business strategy and digital strategy. The website is at the core, the heart and soul, the promotional platform where the brand and customers interact, both current and potential customers as well as internal customers and members of staff.

Development of the web strategy is the process where important decisions are made and executive support is vital for the success of the process.

The web strategy includes:

A vision and mission statement for the brand have to be in place as well as any organisational transformation, be it new product development or changes in supply. Roles, leadership and responsibilities need to be clearly defined as well as the key performance indicators.

Social Media Strategy 

For every brand or organisation a clear social media strategy needs to be developed and implemented. Should you jump on to all the wagons going by? Is the presence of your brand on every social media platform necessary and does it serve a purpose for your brand?

Based on tracking and measurement we set key performance indicators for all brands we work with. The same decisions need to be made when developing the social media strategy for your brand. We need to answer questions like:

  • Is the target audience using the social media platform?
  • Is the social media platform relevant to your brand?

For every social media platform selected in the strategy clear objectives have to be put in place. Are your goals to raise awareness for the brand, to increase engagement or increase sales? Also, set your key performance indicators before you launch. The details of frequency have to be addressed but more importantly the responsibility and roles for publishing content. Responding to customers on social media in a timely manner is key. If the responsiveness is neglected for any social media channel your brand would be better off not having a presence on that platform at all.

Capacity can therefore be a major element in the decision making process on whether your brand should engage with customers on a specific social media platform. We at Pipar\ENGINE offer our services at your discretion, we can develop and manage your social media strategy and create content to engage with your customers. See the Social Media page for more on paid social media advertising and social media community management.

Contact us and increase your capacity with a team of Pipar\ENGINE experts.