We take the privacy of individuals very seriously. This privacy statement describes how information is collected when using this website, how the information is stored and how it is used. We use users’ IP addresses to diagnose problems on our servers and manage our web pages. When you use this website, only basic information about your visit will be stored. Pipar\TBWA does not distribute this information to third parties except in accordance with legal obligations to regulators.

Data Collection

The only personal information collected by our website are names and email addresses. Pipar\TBWA uses this information to send out information and announcements related to the company’s operations. The email addresses are stored on the Mailchimp (The Rocket Science Group LLC) web server until the information is requested to be removed.


Cookies are used to keep track of the number of visits to the website and to identify previous users. Pipar\TBWA uses cookies sparingly and responsibly. Users can configure their browsers to allow cookies or reject them altogether. Pipar\TBWA uses Google Analytics for web analytics. Each time the website is visited, a number of things are recorded, such as the time and date of the visit, keywords used to find the website, which website it came from and the type of browser and operating system being used to visit the website. The information collected is used to develop and improve the website to make it more accessible and easy to use. No other information about each visit is collected. The information collected is not linked to any other personally identifiable information.

SSL Certificate

This website uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates. This means that all communication takes place over an encrypted connection for a more secure data transfer. SSL certificates prevent third parties from accessing data, e.g. passwords, which are sent through the web. Information sent between web browsers and servers is encrypted using SSL credentials. The data transferred between them is thus delivered in a secure and correct manner.

Mailing Lists and Subscriptions

Users can subscribe to a mailing list and content from Pipar\TBWA. Content is only sent to subscribed email addresses. The e-mail addresses are stored on the Mailchimp web server and are only stored for the purpose of sending out news and information from Pipar\TBWA. At the bottom of every email sent to users there is a link that can be clicked to unsubscribe.

Other Sites

Pipar\TBWA’s rules on user safety do not apply to other websites. Websites referenced by the Pipar\TBWA website are not the responsibility of PiparTBWA.
You can contact us through dpo@pipar-tbwa.is for more information or to make a comment.