Pipar\MEDIA is all about media platforms and media planning. Our team of media consultants have years of experience in planning advertising campaigns so the message will be seen and heard by your target audience.

Media publishing

We answer all the big questions: Where? When? For whom? And how much?

For us and our clients we want the best results from the marketing efforts and improve marketing ROI with the right media channels.

Pipar\MEDIA has years of experience in media planning for the Icelandic market. Our consultants are specialists in their area, relying on extensive statistical data. They dive into the numbers about views, reads, radio listening, clicks on websites, traffic on streets as well as the success of brands in consumer markets, consumer behavior and changes in the market. And they are absolute wizards when it comes to translating the data into effective media plans.

We create media plans for our clients that will reach the target audience. We want to have just the right amount of reach and frequency in order to achieve the desired advertising stimulus. All media planning relies on the best statistical data and market research available to us.

We offer our clients a service portal where they can log in to have an overview of their media planning and media buying. The overview provides a dashboard with advertising campaigns and ad spending, which can be viewed over time or you can look at individual media channels. A comparison is possible in many different ways. The tool provides us and our clients the opportunity to make better decisions and identify how selecting the right media mix can influence success.

Pipar\MEDIA uses the best available market and media research as a basis for all media planning and ad spend. Gallup in Iceland take measurements of the national media platforms for television, radio stations, print media and online news media providing information on their use and market share. We cross reference that data with different media platforms in order to create the best media plan each time. Surveys on consumer behavior provides insight on lifestyle, demographics, consumer characteristics and trends, buying behavior and social attitudes.

The Advertising Marketing Research enables us to monitor the advertising reach and frequency of the brands we work for as well as the competitors. Statistical data from the Icelandic Road Administration and Statistics Iceland is also used for information on out of house billboards, industries and inhabitants.