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Sick love

Sjúkást or Sick love is an educational campaign run by Stígamót, a center that provides free counseling and support for survivors of sexual violence. The aim of the campaign is to educate young people about the different manifestations of violence in close relationships and to empower young people to identify the symptoms of violence and set boundaries in their own relationships.

For the campaign, we created various things: a website, videos, a bus stop ad, posters, hats, tops, balloons and temporary tattoos. We worked on most of the material in house, but got Saga Sig to take photographs for posters and social media.

The website provides information on everything related to the issue of sexual violence and there visitors call also sign a petition to the Minister of Education to improve sex education in schools.

We are extremely proud of the project and are thankful for the cooperative spirit of everyone who worked on the project, especially the staff and volunteers of Stígamót who always approach this difficult issue with unique professionalism and respect.

Sjúkást – bus stop day/night received recognition in the category of environmental graphics at the 2019 FÍT Awards.

Sjúkást was nominated in the campaign category at the 2019 FÍT Awards.

Sjúk ást - plaköt
Sjúk ást - social efni

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