The women’s race 2021

This is the third year that we came to work on Sjóvá Kvennahlaupi ÍSÍ (The women’s race). The year 2019 was a remarkable year, the 30th anniversary of the race. In 2020, the big task was to rethink the image of the race, incl. the race T shirt (Kvennahlaupsbolinn) and all implementation with regard to environmental awareness and responsibility. A pandemic complicates matters considerably, but it is a great pleasure that the race will be held and of course it is for people of all genders.

In addition to other advertising and promotional material, Pipar\TBWA also designed the shirt this year. In all matters, great emphasis had to be placed on the new era of the race, which has so far been held in June. Now there will be a race on September 11 all over the country and of course we encourage every single human being to attend. Photographs of women in the footage were taken by Sveinn Speight. All information can be found on where you can also find a link to ticket sales.

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