Ekki vera hökkuð

Don’t get hacked

On Thursday 5 August 2021, Hallfríður Jóhannsdóttir held a webinar on social media security for individuals and companies with the title: Don’t get hacked.

The lecturer in the webinar is Hallfríður Jóhannsdóttir, who works as a social media specialist at Pipar\TBWA, Pipar\Engine and Ghostlamp in Oslo. She has also held a course on the use and security of social media use on an international level for many years.

She is an expert in digital marketing from the Digital Marketing Institute, is recognized as a Facebook Blueprint Professional Buyer and is recognized by Content Marketing Norway as a social media expert and content marketing expert.

Hallfríður is the perfect mix of strategist and expert, with a keen interest in social media and digital communication. She is a popular lecturer and consultant in the field of strategy and content creator on all social media channels, with extensive experience in social media marketing.

She has trained and held courses for about 100 managers and companies such as Gjensidige, Taxback International, Maskingrossisternes Forening, Bergen Kommune, Herøya Industripark, Trygg Trafikk, Norges Forskningsråd, Nelfo, NHO, UiO, Ass Bryggeri, Stavanger Kommune, Scandic Hotels, Thon Hotels, Storebrand, Hansa-Borg Bryggerier, BUFDIR, Kristiansand Municipality, Necon Energi, NEAK, NMBU, Conscia Norway, TU Jobb and more.

She holds courses in Icelandic, English and Norwegian, both for companies and public bodies, but her strength lies mainly in how B2B companies can operate more efficiently, increase their visibility and succeed on social media, especially LinkedIn.

You can watch a recording of the “Don’t get hacked” webinar, which seeks to answer questions such as:

  • How do hackers hack into social media and how can it be prevented?
  • What can you do to ensure the security of your social media accounts?