Gönguleið að gosinu

Eruption and TBWA

Just over a year ago, the majority of the nation “landed” in a new and foreign remote reality and tried to the best of its ability to stand on its own two feet and let the pieces fall where they may. We were more or less locked inside our homes and kept to ourselves. Throughout the year, come rain or shine, as the size of our “bubbles” have swelled and shrunk according to the state of the pandemic each time. Every time we think we’re getting ahead of it, something new comes up and we slide back again.

Then the eruptions emerged and suddenly the names Geldingadalir and Merardalir were on the lips of not just Icelanders, but people all over the world. And what’s more, it was and is a very accessible natural wonder, especially if you have a packed lunch, sturdy hiking boots, a headlamp, spikes, warm clothes, and a windbreaker. Time will tell whether this eruption will be part of the post-pandemic recovery. This would not be the first time that the forces of nature have joined forces with us Icelanders.

As is well known, our agency is called Pipar\TBWA, but the abbreviation TBWA means that we are part of TBWA advertising agency network, which has over 300 agencies worldwide. This collaboration gives us the opportunity to take advantage of information from sister offices around the world, learn from them and dive into the wisdom and information well of our colleagues and share valuable experiences.
We recently received news that TBWA Worldwide was named by Fast Companys in 2021’s top ten most original agencies in the world, specifically number 3, for two Apple® ads called the best in the pandemic.

Thanks to TBWA, there is now no need to go to St. Petersburg to see the works of art in the Winter Palace, we can embark on a virtual reality tour that was shot on the iPhone in one shot (an over 5 hour long video). Congratulations TBWA.