Market Research

The research reports, client analyses and media plans created by Pipar\MEDIA are based on a wealth of analytics, including in-depth consumer data.

Market research

The team’s recommendations are based on comprehensive data about the listening, reading and viewing habits of the public. For example, the specialists can determine what television programming is most popular with various demographics on each station or demographic information for the readerships of various papers and magazines.

With this kind of detailed information about media consumption, the team is able to formulate comprehensive media plans that optimize the client’s media buy. A key element is to look at the media mix that will bring the best reach to the target audience and make sure that the frequency is just right. With an ever growing variety of media it has never been more important to make informative decisions regarding media mix, time of air, frequency and how advertising using cross media marketing can be best done.

To meet the demand of creating the best possible media plan for your business we like to be able to cross reference data from several sources on media, target audiences and information about consumption and lifestyle. We want to make the best possible decision based on the target audience’s use of the media, interaction with other media and pricing on different media.

Portable People Meter

A PPM (portable people meter) is a device used to measure an individual’s exposure to broadcast media, which is then used to create reports based on demographic information. The metric is very precise as the measurement takes place automatically. A sample group of about 500 people from 12 to 80 years old wears a small device that recognizes inaudible signals encoded in the various broadcasts to create a record of the user’s media exposure. The device then uploads the user’s data nightly, creating a live stream of user data for weekly reports organized by demographics.

Online Media Surveys

The online media survey has information on numbers of users, visits and page views for the online media in the survey. The traffic is domestic or foreign and can be sorted according to devices (desktop, tablet or smartphone) as well as browser and operating system information.

Print Media Surveys

Print media surveys are conducted on a continuous basis over the year with reports released every quarter.

Advertising Market Research

Monthly reports are released on all advertisements appearing on television and in print during the period, which is useful in tracking the competitor activity and comparing market share.

TGI Consumer Study

Gallup releases its TGI Consumer study (consumption/brands/media/lifestyle) on an annual basis, which provides key indicators on target demographics, consumer trends and habits and evolving social attitudes.