Nærmynd af blautum, svörtum hesti

The Icelandic horse

Brand building

The Icelandic horse is truly a force of nature and it is time to harness that force and spread it all over the world. Pipar\TBWA, together with Íslandsstofa (Business Iceland) and stakeholders, embarked on Disruption® work in the autumn of 2015, in which the traditions and customs in the export of the Icelandic horse were deeply analyzed.

Subsequently the development of a distinct brand to be used in marketing efforts in foreign markets began. Milestones were set on how to strengthen the image of the Icelandic horse in the global consciousness, build a strong brand and thereby create added value in the export of Icelandic horses as well as in the related products and services.

Grár hestur í haustlitum.