Let’s shorten the dark night

Stígamót asked us for help with a fundraising campaign called “Styttum svartnættið” (The shortening of the dark night). The campaign culminated with a fundraising event live on television channel Stöð 2 on 18 November 2016. The aim of the fundraiser was to expand Stígamót’s services outside the capital area, allowing them to provide services to marginalized groups, increase education, increase self-help groups, and last but not least, eliminate waiting lists.

We decided to approach this difficult and sensitive topic using interviews with survivors of sexual violence who had sought help through Stígamót. We also focused on numbers with the numbers representing how many years passed from the first offense until the person in question sought help. A total of thirteen interviews were published on social media, but there were also television advertisements with survivors, plus print, radio and online ads.

We are very proud of the project and are thankful for the opportunity to collaborate with Stígamót and the people who have courageously come forward to share their stories with the world. We also thank photographer Rafael Pinho, Kukli and Medialux for their collaboration.

The campaign won a Lúðurinn in the public service category and was chosen as the campaign of the year by FÍT.

Styttum svartnættið - plakat

Styttum svartnættið - auglýsing
Auglýsing - karl