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Grape is a grapefruit soda and staple of brewery and soda company Ölgerðin. We gave good old Grape a fresh new look, making what was old new again by giving the packaging the nostalgia treatment–retro-style new packaging. However, the grapefruit-ness of Grape hasn’t been all that popular recently. What to do? That was the million dollar question. After considerable brainstorming and then more brainstorming, the result was to lean into the tart grapefruit taste of Grape.

We gave the drink a persona befitting a grapefruit, complete with character traits that are also descriptive of the taste of grapefruit–sour and bitter. The bitterness erupts and Appelsín (an orange soda) is an obvious focus of Grape’s jealousy. Grape actually pretends to be comfortable in its own bottle, but the feeling of inferiority towards the ever-popular Appelsín is embarrassingly obvious.

Grape - vefborði

Grape-ávöxtur og verðlaunagripir

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