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Gender-based violence is closer than you think

The Icelandic National Committee of UN Women, an organization that works against violence against women all over the world, approached us with a campaign. The campaign is under the auspices of HeForShe and the movement is about bringing men to the table because gender equality and gender-based violence are not only women’s issues.

The premise of this shocking and powerful video is that gender-based violence is closer than we think. We recruited men, both known and unknown, to read women’s stories of gender-based violence–with a surprise ending. It was an amazing project that will probably never be forgotten by those who participated.

The video was then followed by posters, print and online advertisements in which the men condemned gender-based violence in the name of all women. The public was also encouraged to sign and condemn gender-based violence on unwomen.is.

The campaign was well received garnering many awards and nominations including:

  • A public service award at Lúðrinn 2019
  • An campaign award at FÍT Awards 2019
  • A nomination for Glass Lion at Cannes Lions 2019
  • A gold medal at the 2019 Clio Awards
  • A silver medal at the Cresta Awards 2019
  • A nomination by ADC * E – Art Directors Club of Europe 2019

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