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Major Update to Google’s Search Engine in May 2021

About 6 months ago, on May 28, 2020, Google announced an update called “The Google Page Experience Update” to go into effect in May 2021. “Page experience” is a measure that takes into account the various factors that Google uses in search rankings. These include:

  • Mobile-friendly updates
  • Page speed update
  • HTTPS ranking boost
  • Intrusive interstitials penalty (pop-ups, for example) and content that affects users’ ability to browse the web
  • Safe browsing penalty

But what does this May 2021 update mean? It is clear that there are two things that will change: ranking and click through rate (CTR). If your site is not ready for this update, it is likely to lose visibility. Along with changes to the search algorithm, Google will add labels that indicate what a user can expect after clicking on a result, and it is likely that Google will differentiate between sites that offer a good user experience and a bad one. The algorithm will work in such a way that key aspects of the site’s performance (i.e. KPI or key performance indicators) such as clickthrough rate (CTR) will change.

Is your web site ready?