Our copywriting team consists of no ordinary people. We have poets, songwriters, lyric writers and published authors in our ranks. If the opportunity arises they will burst into song while a concept is being born and you can see them sneaking off to a conference room to enjoy privacy for the creation.

Ad copy

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but some ideas are best conveyed through language. The strength of our text team lies in their diverse talents with language—precision, brevity, wit and passion. As a multilingual team, our writers bring a broad perspective and a high level of expertise to all of our projects.

The message needs to be put into words and choosing the right words for the message matters. It is our belief that the right words at the appropriate time will bring our subject to life. We have vast experience in writing ad copy and making text alterations where we are meticulous in proofreading and in general we are passionate about the Icelandic language. On the team we also have two copywriting experts in the English language working on translations and localization of text.

We write ad copy for all different types of advertisements and promotional materials, printed brochures and print ads. We write scripts for television commercials and video content for websites and for social media. Whatever the intended publication is, a storyboard with a good script will always be a helpful tool.

Content copywriting 

Content copywriting is not the only form of website content, content also referees to images, video content, infographics and more. Copywriting is one of the elements needed to bring the end user the information and the experience of the website.

Writing website copy is specific where you need to consider search engine optimization and include the keywords in the text. The website copy, nevertheless, has to be written for the users of the target audience in order to provide them with a good user experience while browsing the website. Writing copy for the web especially will result in a better user experience and we are ambitious in this endeavor. We work in web development and in search engine marketing and that text has to be written with that role in mind.

Writing copy for social media can be demanding in order to bring the desired message across whether it is intended for social media community management or for paid social media advertising. Different social media platforms will have a different set of rules and restrictions, the text can not be too long and not too short either when it comes to headlines, calls to action and the message. So writing copy for social media is practically an artform in itself.