It shouldn’t come as a surprise that we produce commercials. The television commercials, radio commercials, print ads and online advertising we create are produced by professionals in order to grab the attention of your target audience.

Television commercials

We create commercials and video content for the brands of our clients. Our production team handles all aspects of commercials and other video content in-house — from producers and directors to editors and motion designers. Yes, we employ all kinds of gurus who know how to push the right buttons.

The commercials and video content we create are as diverse as they come, ranging from 15-second social media videos to feature-length branded entertainment. Depending on the nature of the project, we also partner with a network of specialist directors and filmmakers to create content that is exactly on point for each brand and its brand story.

Radio commercials

For brands managed by our clients we create radio commercials. We will find the correct voice to convey the message in the correct tone, and create a world of sound and sound effects to create the correct atmosphere. Yes, we are responsible for the cute kitten you heard meowing while commuting to work. You can probably also blame us for humming the jingle that was in the background of some radio commercial or the other. You know, the one you discovered what it was a few days later in an aha-moment.

Recordings and sound production are done by the best in the business, we make no exceptions when it comes to sound. Our quality standard needs to be met in order to get a clear message across to the audience.

In recent years there has been an increase in radio commercials as a percentage of the media ad spend at Pipar\MEDIA. Due to their nature you can quickly adapt the message and respond to changes. That makes radio commercials the perfect choice when restrictions are in place, something is closed or changes are made in opening hours with short notice, such as in the case of a lock down.

Print Ads

Print ads are created for publishing in newspapers and magazines. We also create other printed promotional materials i.e., leaflets, brochures and direct mail. If the final outcome goes to print we can call it a print ad.

Creating the design and layout for print ads is a meticulous task as digital printing technology has not changed that much over the years. For each ad the correct size needs to be created and different settings apply whether the print is digital or in CMYK for printing on paper. The color saturation, the thickness of the paper and more need careful attention to detail in order to produce the desired print outcome.

Our staff is very experienced and remember times in the printing industry were very different. One time there were printers and press operators… How much time do you have?

And yes, print the proof. It is always better to print than to only view the print ad on the screen.

Online Ads

Online ads, digital ads, display ads and web banners are the ads we create for all types of digital media publishing, for search engine marketing and social media.

We are a leading agency when it comes to online advertising. Pipar\ENGINE is our machine, the secret weapon in our arsenal. Online ads are performance driven, we set the key performance indicators for the desired results and are able to adjust the advertising campaigns and budget to meet our customers needs.

Advertising Portfolio 

View Our Portfolio of advertising we have produced on behalf of our customers.